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Interior Designer Delivery in West Palm Beach, FL

Vault Designer Delivery: Delivery for Designers

Sometimes, you need to have something delivered that requires a special touch. Your standard delivery service might not treat your goods with due care, or you might end up with a mess of products that aren’t sorted or stored the way they should be. For designers, this can be a particularly thorny problem — but it doesn’t have to be.


Vault Designer Delivery provides interior designer delivery to designers all across West Palm Beach, FL. If you want to work with a delivery service that truly understands your needs, look no further. We’ll make sure all of your equipment is transported with attention to detail and a careful eye for safety and efficiency.

Delivery Services

Here at Vault Designer Delivery, we’re known for satisfied customers, and we accomplish this by offering a wide range of helpful services.


Our Virtual Vault allows you to inspect the delivery and warehousing of your materials, schedule deliveries, order rug pad services, and more, all from the comfort of your home. Our storage facilities are air conditioned, above grade, hurricane rated, and energy-efficient, helping both you and the environment.


Our carefully maintained tracking system lets us receive whatever products you want to store with efficiency and precision. We’ll store them as long as you like, and then our fully-equipped fleet will bring them to your desired destination and help install them with industry-standard equipment and training.


Interested in learning more? Feel free to browse our site or give us a call at (561)296-6222. For interior designers looking for a delivery and storage solution, Vault Designer Delivery is the best choice.


We offer a Wide Variety of Services Tailored for any Situation.


“The designers wanted me to let you know what a fantastic job you all did on the delivery today. They stated that it was extremely organized and went off without a hitch. #GREAT JOB! #YOUR GUYS ROCKED IT!”

Kris – Rogers Design Group


“You have some of the best delivery people I’ve ever worked with. Polite, personable, and helpful. Thank you for always doing such a great job!”

Alice – Lawrence Mayer Interior Design


“We have been meaning to compliment the crew that handled our install last week. They were professional and extremely knowledgeable. All of your crew truly are a great, courteous group of professionals!”

Amber – Visconti Design Group


“Moving… one of the most dreaded experiences people face… until we began using your company! From start to finish, my many moves with you have been a sheer pleasure. All staff are true professionals in every sense of the word, and each is also a personal delight. Never has anything been lost or damaged, with the moving team taking ownership of my satisfaction. The occasions I’ve used your company demonstrate exceptional care delivered with a personal touch, individual smiles, and professional ease.”

Jane D.

Jane D.

Delivery Services